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BIRKDALE - THURSDAYS  3:00 to 4:30

Our classes currently run from our Birkdale Intermediate Art Room

One hour workshops are compact visual art sessions, where students learn a range of specific mixed media art skills and create their own high quality Art Collection. Together we learn to expand our growth mindset and develop our creativity. Lessons are adapted each term to suit the students needs and interests. We have 2-3 teachers on site and up to 25 students to ensure each student gets the most support for their learning and development (all materials provided). "Creatives Learn, Grow and Empower"



Lyndi Barrett - Creative Creatures Founder

Art Teacher - 10 Years Teaching Experience (Year 1 - 9)

Bachelors of Education - Primary (3 years)

Range of ongoing Professional Development Courses

Ten Years experience teaching Visual Arts

Ten Years experience teaching NZ Curriculum

Specialist ART Teacher at Birkdale Intermediate School

Lyndi Barrett (Whaea B) has several years art teaching experience with children aged 5-14, she focuses on the skills and techniques of each art medium and scaffolds students to become confident in their own artistic abilities. She inspires creativity and encourages students to explore their own art ideas and adapt each artwork to suit their personal style.

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